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The Daily Chop: Multiple players opt out of abbreviated season; how many more will follow?

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How many players will opt out of playing this season amid the spread of COVID? Monday brought several declarations but more are sure to follow.

Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

On Monday, three players declared that they would opt out of playing the 2020 season. Joe Ross, Ryan Zimmerman, and Mike Leake have all opted not to play, which is likely to become a relatively popular decision in the coming weeks. With a reignited pandemic, a lengthy labor dispute, and a second spring training, the excitement of the upcoming season is likely at an all-time low for players. Zimmerman is a 15-year veteran, whose career may be drawing near its end, and yet he has chosen to remain inactive until 2021. The motivations behind this decision are pure, as Zimmerman is simply protecting his family (which includes a newborn) from the dangers of COVID exposure, and could also set a precedent for those with familial considerations.

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