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The Daily Chop: MLB opts for implementation of 2020 season

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After a last-ditch effort to come to an agreement with the MLBPA, the owners will now resort to implementation.

Fort Bragg Game: Miami Marlins v. Atlanta Braves

MLB abandons negotiations with MLBPA, appears poised to implement shortened season

After months of negotiating, MLB opted for the implementation of a season in accordance with their March 26th agreement with the MLBPA. The players still have to agree to show up, which is expected to become public knowledge today. By not agreeing to a deal with MLB, the PA retained the ability to levy legal action against the owners. Their decisions on both playing and taking legal action should become clear in the near future.

MLBPA rejects MLB’s 60-game proposal, per report

The rejection noted above lead to the implementation of a season. The incompetence on both sides has become increasingly evident, and Monday was only a continuation of that incompetence. At least we appear to be closer to baseball happening. Hopefully it doesn’t just appear that way.

Taking a closer look at Atlanta Braves draftee Spencer Strider

Matt Powers takes a deep dive into the talents of Braves draftee Spencer Strider.

Strider doesn’t have the ideal delivery. It’s a bit unorthodox with some effort and may have contributed to his past elbow issue. His delivery may limit him to being a reliever as he’s not a big guy(6”, 195 pounds) and needs that effort to throw as hard as he does.

Speed limit? Baseball’s slowest pitches

Check out some of the slowest pitches in baseball history, including the 80 MPH fastball of Jamie Moyer.

White Sox sign No. 11 overall pick Crochet

The White Sox struck a deal with 11th overall pick Garrett Crochet, who was considered a possible Braves target pre-draft. The White Sox took the left-hander much earlier, and now have secured his services in writing.