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MLBPA rejects MLB’s 60-game proposal, per report

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World Baseball Classic - Championship Round - Game 3 - USA v Puerto Rico

ESPN’s Jesse Rogers reported on Monday evening that the players have rejected the latest proposal from the owners of 60 games.

This outcome was fairly expected, despite efforts on the owners to make small changes in the players direction. The consensus seems to be that this will be the end of the negotiations and that the owners will exercise their right to unilaterally impose a shortened season with prorated salaries.

The MLBPA released the following statement:

While the lack of an agreement is a disaster for the sport overall, the good news is that a season is expected to be announced by the commissioner soon, and while it will almost certainly be between 48 and 60 games, there has been some recent reporting to suggest that it might be on the higher end of that spectrum, between 54 and 60 games. With that being expected, it isn’t hard to see why the players wouldn’t want to agree to a bunch of concessions for only a few extra games, if any. It seems as if this saga of nastiness and frustration may finally be nearing it’s end, and baseball’s biggest obstacle for 2020 will be the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.