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The Daily Chop: Labor negotiations gaining traction?

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For the first time since negotiations become public, there is legitimate hope that MLB owners and players are making legitimate progress toward an agreement.

MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at Atlanta Braves Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Monday was potentially a momentous day in labor negotiations between Major League Baseball owners and the Player’s Association, as the former presented another proposal to the MLBPA. This rendering included several key points, including prorated salaries for players, which has been a major hurdle to this point. The owners did, however, shorten the season to 50 games in this proposal, which would leave the players with very little earning power, and thus very little incentive to play. If the two sides can agree on the season length while maintaining the stipulation that players are paid a prorated salary, then baseball in 2020 becomes a much less dubious proposition.

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MLB News

MLBPA Submits 2020 Season Proposal

The Player’s Association delivered their proposal to the owners on Sunday, but the length of the season was a major sticking point. The players proposed a season spanning 114 games, $100 million in deferrals, two years of playoff expansion, and opt-out clauses for players who do not wish to play.

MLB discussing shorter season, pro-rated salaries for players, per report

The owners countered on Monday, with the major point of contention being that they wanted only 50 games to be played. This would soften the financial blow of paying players a prorated salary for the season while allowing for some semblance of baseball to be played, though a 50 game season is hardly sufficient from a competitive standpoint. It remains to be seen how much momentum can be gained from the inclusion of prorated salaries, but if the number of games can be solved their may be a window of opportunity arising soon.

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