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Owners, players might be close to deal for 2020 MLB season, per report

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Good news?

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Take this however you will: we’ve been hurt before.

I think the “via players” note is fairly interesting. Other quick reactions are:

First, if the owners have really “caved” and given the players full pro-rated pay, then it seems like some time was wasted for nothing. (Of course, we could see that the 2020 season has only a tiny amount of games, such that the owners still reach their apparent overall payroll payout target that seemed to be the orienting principle of their negotiating stance.)

Second, ugh, expanded playoffs.

That is all. Now go forth and speculate. We’ll be here as more developments happen.

On the flip side, though:

So don’t quite go manning your battle stations just yet.