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Braves vs. Dodgers Game Thread: Game 1, NLCS

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Fried vs. Buehler

MLB: NLCS-Braves Workouts Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Can Max Fried produce an Ace-Level Performance?

Can Travis d’Arnaud deliver the dominance once again?

Can Freddie Freeman offer pennant-clinching production?

Can Adam Duvall remain Captain Clutch?

Can the Braves bullpen emerge as the superior group?

These questions and many more will look to be answered tonight. Hopefully, the majority or all of them will be answered in a positive way for the Braves, and thus will certainly give the Braves a chance to win Game 1.

Enjoy the interaction and conversation below. The most important stretch of Braves baseball in two decades is here. Cherish and Enjoy It. GO BRAVES!