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Braves sign viral star LHP Chris Nunn to minor league contract

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Nunn and his ridiculous fastball get an invite to spring training.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves have signed left handed reliever Chris Nunn to a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training, according to Robert Murray.

Who is Chris Nunn, you ask? On the surface he is a 29-year-old lefty who has never thrown a pitch in the Majors and has bounced around from various minor league organizations in recent years. Dig a little deeper on the Google machine and you’ll find he is somewhat of a viral social media star.

CBS Sports featured Nunn in a story on how the use of video and social media has brought exposure to many players who slipped through the cracks for whatever reason. You can see in the video below that Nunn’s stuff is electric from the left side. He has also been featured quite a bit on @PitchingNinja, who is behind the program that aims to gain exposure for pitchers with wicked stuff who have been left behind.

Nunn will face an uphill battle to make the Braves’ big league roster, but at the very least he should remain in the mix with Gwinnett. There’s something to be said for taking a no-risk chance a lefty who throws in the upper 90s with an improving curveball.