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Braves signing catcher Francisco Cervelli, per report

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The Braves are reportedly inking the veteran catcher in wake of Brian McCann’s knee injury.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Francisco Cervelli, who was released by the Pirates on Thursday, has reportedly reached a deal with the Braves, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Cervelli, 33, has struggled at the plate this season but has been one of the game’s better catchers over the years. He dealt with numerous concussions that prompted him to say in July that he was done behind the plate. “I can’t live like this,” he told reporters. However, Cervelli said a week later that his emotions got the better of him and he wants to continue catching.

If we are assuming Cervelli is still able to safely catch, it makes sense for the Braves to give him a shot given the recent knee injury to Brian McCann. The club recently called up Alex Jackson to serve as the backup behind Tyler Flowers, who has had his own struggles in 2019.

We will see if the report comes to pass. Stay tuned.