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Culberson, Flowers in lineup for rubber match against Mets

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Both the Braves and Mets tinker with lineups for dueling lefties.

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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Moving On...

Atlanta will be stacking their lineup with right-handed bats against Steven Matz (yes, I can bring bars). Charlie Culberson and Tyler Flowers get logical starts for the Braves as it will allow Brian McCann and Nick Markakis two days off before a critical road trip. This will be Culberson’s first start since May 23rd, but he went 2-3 in a start against Matz last year.

The Mets also are going with a platoon preference against Max Fried. J.D. Davis and Juan Lagares will get starts in the outfield. However, the key to success tonight remains simple. The productivity in this lineup centers on Peter Alonso and Michael Conforto. If Fried can hold that combination to two hits or less that remain inside the ballpark, the Braves will be in very good shape to end the homestand with a win.