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Braves set to unveil “refreshed” uniforms at Chop Fest 2019

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The Braves will have a new look for the 2019 season. Will there be a major change involved as well?

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

This Saturday, the Braves are having their annual Chop Fest event at SunTrust Park and The Battery. As usual, there’s going to be plenty of stuff for fans to do at the all-day event but the most interesting moment will happen at around 11:30 AM EST on Saturday. That’s because the Braves are going to reveal what they are calling “refreshed” uniforms for the upcoming season and beyond that.

The scheduled time is coming from the event’s description over at The Battery’s website. What’s interesting there is that they not only revealed the time but also said that there will be a “new uniform unveiled,” so maybe this will go beyond simply a few tweaks to the uniform.

As far as the “new” uniforms go, I wouldn’t expect any major changes to the home-and-away set. The Braves won 14 straight divisional titles in basically that same uniform, so I doubt that we’ll see any big changes to the two primary uniforms. If those uniforms are tweaked, they will probably be minor at best.

Instead, I’d bet that we’re going to see some sort of shuffling when it comes to the alternate uniforms. If I had my way, they’d get rid of the navy blue road alternates in favor of something that’s similar to what they wore as a throwback a while back.

Atlanta Braves v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I’d also keep the Sunday home alternates as well. Basically, I’d try to make it so that the Braves go back to wearing simply one hat for every uniform: The navy blue hat with a red brim. The all-navy hat is nice, but there are tons of all-navy hats across baseball so it’s a bit superfluous for Atlanta to have one as well — especially if, in my ideal uniform world, they wouldn’t need to have it since they wouldn’t be wearing the all-navy uniforms anymore.

That’s all speculation on my part, though. There’s always a chance that the Braves could spring a surprise on us when it comes to their uniforms, so it’ll definitely be worth keeping an eye on this when they make the big reveal on Saturday morning.

For now, it’s time for you all to speculate as to what you think the Braves should/will do with their uniforms this weekend. Do you all think that a big change is needed? Do you have any ideas for changes? Let’s talk about this since the rumor mill is painfully dry at the moment.