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Braves and Charlie Culberson settle and avoid arbitration

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The Braves continued their run of moves to avoid arbitration hearings as they settled with their veteran utility man.

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Four Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

One of the more unexpected and fun stories from the 2018 season was the emergence of Charlie Culberson as a very useful and clutch player off of the bench. Culberson came into the season with six home runs total in his entire career to his name and an offensive profile that did not inspire much confidence. However, he had been lauded for his versatility and ability with his glove, so the Braves brought him from the Dodgers in to compete for a roster spot.

To say that worked out is an understatement as Culberson ended up playing in 113 games for Atlanta and slashed .270/.326/.466 with 12 home runs. Moreover, a lot of his home runs seemed to come in key situations and he was a very important part of the Braves’ run to the playoffs in 2018.

It looks like that goodwill enabled the Braves and Culberson to reach an agreement and avoid salary arbitration.

For a bench player of Culberson’s caliber, a deal just under $2 million is a no-brainer. While he may not have the profile of an everyday player, his versatility and offensive emergence make him a valuable player on any team.

The Braves still have a few players left to negotiate with before the arbitration deadline today, so stay tuned.