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Ian Anderson tops Baseball Prospectus Top 10 Braves’ prospects list

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There is still a lot of talent in Atlanta’s minor league system

Photo Credit: Jeff Morris

It is the time of yearly prospect lists and Baseball Prospectus is currently running down each team’s Top 10 prospects for 2019. They released their list on the Atlanta Braves on Friday with Ian Anderson and Austin Riley headlining an impressive group.

If you are a Baseball Prospectus subscriber (You really should be.), then there are detailed scouting reports for each prospect. However, the Top 10 list is free for anyone and you can see it below.

  1. Ian Anderson - RHP
  2. Austin Riley - 3B
  3. Mike Soroka - RHP
  4. Kyle Wright - RHP
  5. Bryse Wilson - RHP
  6. Cristian Pache - OF
  7. Drew Waters - OF
  8. Touki Toussaint - RHP
  9. Kyle Muller - LHP
  10. Joey Wentz - LHP

While there may not be a clear cut No. 1 like there was last year with Ronald Acuña Jr, there is still quite a bit of talent in the system. We are likely to see many different opinions on who Atlanta’s top prospect is with Mike Soroka, Austin Riley and Ian Anderson appearing in different orders. It is also impressive that four of this Top 10 has already seen a bit of action at the major league level.

Cristian Pache and Drew Waters are once again back-to-back and one of the more interesting storylines of 2019 will be seeing how their development progresses.