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Braves add Kolby Allard as the “26th man” for today’s doubleheader against the Nationals

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The Braves are bringing Kolby back up to be the 26th man on the roster for the doubleheader.

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves
It is hard to find a picture of Kolby Allard pitching without his tongue sticking out.
Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

When a team has to play a doubleheader, they are allowed to add an extra player to the roster just to account for the extra strain that doubleheaders have on a team’s roster. This is particularly relevant for the Braves as today’s doubleheader against the Nationals is the beginning of a stretch where they play 22 games in 20 games without a day off.

Usually, teams add a pitcher just due to bullpen usage considerations. Running relievers out twice on the same day is a rough proposition, so having an extra arm is often very helpful.

Now, conventional wisdom would have involved grabbing a guy like Wes Parsons (who last pitched on 8/3) or grabbing a reliever to occupy that spot. The Braves opted for a different strategy.

Kolby Allard has not pitched since his MLB debut despite getting optioned back to Gwinnett. Allard’s presence provides an amount of insurance in the event that either starter struggles as he can come in and pitch significant innings. With Max Fried’s issues with blisters in the past, this could prove to be a wise decision. It doesn’t hurt that Kolby is a lefty and many of the Nationals’ better hitters bat from the left side.