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Ozzie back to the 6th slot for Wednesday’s Braves-Rays Showdown

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Ozzie Albies’ hot Tuesday earned him a bump up in the Braves’ lineup.

Atlanta Braves v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

One of the hallmarks of this fascinating 2018 Braves season has been the team’s proclivity for picking each other up. When one hitter is slumping, another steps up in his place. When the bullpen struggles to hold a lead, the offense pulls some late-inning heroics to pull out a win. When the entire offense goes cold, the pitching staff rises to the occasion to ease the pressure.

This could come in handy for Sean Newcomb. After his near no-hit bid against the Dodgers one month ago today, Newk has struggled to find consistency. He hasn’t been bad, per se, but he also hasn’t approached the dominant form he flashed against Los Angeles and multiple times during the early part of the season.

If he needs the Braves offense to pick him up, this is the group that will do it:

This lineup will face Diego Castillo, the Rays’ opener for the evening. He has never faced any of these Braves at the professional level.

After yesterday’s 3-for-3 performance including a double and a walk, Ozzie Albies bumps back up to the 6 hole in the lineup. Recently extended Tyler Flowers gets the nod behind the dish.

Newcomb, meanwhile, will face the following Rays lineup:

Newcomb has limited experience against Tampa Bay, with his only career outing coming on May 8. During that game, he allowed two hits over 6 scoreless innings. During that game, he was staunch against the same Rays that find themselves in the lineup tonight - 0-for-12 with 5 strikeouts, with the only baserunner being generated by a walk to Matt Duffy.

First pitch is 7:35 pm ET.