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Braves sign Peter Bourjos (again) to a minor league deal, release Jaff Decker

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The Braves don’t know how to quit Peter Bourjos, so they signed him to a minor league deal after releasing him not long ago.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Bourjos’ first stint with the Braves in 2018 did not go particularly well. Deficiencies with his bat basically relegated him to spot appearances in the field, as a pinch runner, and as a pinch hitter with the presence of Preston Tucker and other, more appealing options. He did not help his cause with a pretty awful slide that cost the Braves a run (and probably a win), but his performance overall was the bigger issue that led to his release after posting a .120/.185/.160 line in 25 plate appearances with the team.

However, the Braves still seem to like having him in the organization so they signed him back, this time to a minor league deal.

In a corresponding move, the Braves released OF Jaff Decker from his minor league deal. Decker had not exactly lit the world on fire down in Gwinnett either with a .271/.407/.458, but he had hardly performed poorly. Its clear that the Braves want to have Bourjos around due to his speed and rumor defensive acumen in a pinch, so Decker was an unfortunate roster casualty.