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Braves discuss Game Two loss to the Dodgers

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Friday night was another tough game for the Braves as they fell to the Dodgers

MLB: NLDS-Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the lack of offense from the first game of the NLDS for the Braves? Yeah, well unfortunately that carried over to the second game as well as the Braves fell to the Dodgers by the score of 3-0. Clayton Kershaw was great and the Braves offense was not as Atlanta now finds themselves in a 2-0 deficit going back to SunTrust. Below are the post game comments and interviews from Game Two.

Snitker on the lineup for Game Three.

Snitker on his outlook for Game Three.

Snitker on the Braves’ offensive ineptitude over the last couple of games.

Snitker on the Braves’ approach against Clayton Kershaw.

Snitker on the at-bat against Manny Machado which....did not end well.

Freddie Freeman on the first inning where the Braves had a scoring opportunity.

Anibal Sanchez on his ill-fated battle with Manny Machado in the first inning.