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The Braves lose Michael Reed to a waiver claim by the Twins

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Michael Reed...we hardy knew ye’

Milwaukee Brewers Photo Day Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The BravesMichael Reed had a very impressive stint in the minor leagues for the organization. Across two levels of the minors, he slashed .342/.453/.520 in 97 games. Unfortunately, he did not get much of a chance to show his skills at the major league level as he had just seven plate appearances.

Yesterday, I wrote in our review of Reed in our Player Review series that it was possible that Reed could find himself with a better opportunity for more playing time elsewhere instead of with Atlanta. As it turns out, we did not have to wait long for that to happen.

The Braves tried to sneak Reed through waivers and potentially hold on to him as an option, but the Twins snatched him up and the Braves obviously valued the roster spot he held more than trying to hold on to him. The Twins have some interesting young options in the minor leagues right now with Byron Buxton and Alex Kiriloff lurking, but the Twins may not be confident enough that those players are ready to go for 2019.

Based on the wording of the reporting and statements on this, it seems like its likely that Reed is simply a Twin now. The teams do not sound like they are working on a trade nor does it sound like the Braves are considering pulling him back off of waivers. Best of luck to Michael....hopefully his success this year translates to him finally getting some consistent playing time in the majors.

Atlanta also outrighted pitchers Jose Ramirez and Jacob Lindgren along with outfielders Lane Adams and Preston Tucker to Triple-A Gwinnett. You can find an updated look at the 40-man roster here.