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Atlanta Braves news and links: How do you think management is doing?

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It’s very simple: Do you approve or disapprove of the job management has done so far?

MLB: San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports


Do you approve of Atlanta’s management?

The Braves were off yesterday, but there was still plenty to talk about, as we decided to run a couple of polls regarding the Braves and their on-field/off-field management. The link above goes to our approval poll for Brian Snitker, and this link will take you to the approval poll for the front office. If you haven’t made your voice heard, then go go right ahead and do so while you can. Meanwhile, here’s part of what ESPN’s Dan Szymborski thinks of the rebuild.

Should Kemp be traded to an AL team?

Ever since Matt Kemp arrived to the Braves, he’s taken his bat to levels that haven’t been seen since he was a contender for MVP. As such, there’s a lot of chatter as to whether or not he should be used as a trade chip at the trade deadline. Bobby Down of Baseline Times believes that if the Braves do trade him, he should go to an American League team.

[Kemp’s defensive metrics] would still be among the worst defenders in baseball, but it wouldn’t at the very bottom. Really what this means is that by upping his fielding value, even just that small bit, it would allow for his offensive value to shine through and actually be worth a team trading for him. Now even though Kemp’s defense does appear to be improved this season compared to the previous four, it is still probably a good idea to look at American League teams.

A look at Kevin Maitan

Our very own Jeff Jones has been keeping a close eye on the Braves’ prized international prospect from last year’s international signing pool, and that is Kevin Maitan. If you want to get a closer look at how Maitan is faring at extended spring training, then you should definitely check this out.


Could MLB be headed for expansion to Mexico?

Expansion has become a hot topic lately, especially when you start talking about a potential return to Montreal. However, according to Jon Heyman of Fanrag Sports, baseball could possibly have their eyes on expanding to Mexico.

The game is obviously beloved in Mexico, and MLB apparently sees the country as a major opportunity for expansion.

The Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has been involved in past attempts to buy into a baseball team, and a limited partnership would give him a chance to build needed relationships, before trying to buy a Mexican MLB team, though it appears he hasn’t been on the partnership log for at least the Jeter group.

He would certainly be a candidate for ownership if MLB were ever to move to Mexico, however. There hasn’t been a lot of talk about expansion lately, and it isn’t known if there’s any timetable for it. But Mexico may be a better bet than Montreal.

Thames receives another “random” drug test

Eric Thames broke out of a bit of a slump this week, which included his first home run since early May. During his incredible start to the season, the former veteran of the Korean league had to undergo “random” drug testing at a pretty frequent rate. Once Thames broke out of the slump, guess who came around asking for more drug testing?

To his credit, Eric Thames was amused by it, though he also thinks that it's not random at this point. I would tend to agree with him, the timing seems a bit suspect. It's at least his fifth drug test of the season. We don't hear any reports of drug tests while Thames is struggling, but another one shows up the day he breaks his home run slump?