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Dansby Swanson and AJ Minter will miss time due to injury

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A couple of the Braves’ rising stars are ailing in the early going of Spring Training

Dansby Swanson Photo Credit: Garrett Spain

Okay everyone, I need you to take a deep breath....Dansby Swanson is dinged up.

Between the offseason and the early going of Spring Training, the Braves have had some unfortunately bad luck with players getting hurt. Sean Rodriguez has been lost for most if not all of the 2017 season, Ozzie Albies’ has had to wait to make his Spring Training debut as he recovers from an elbow injury, AJ Minter has dealt with arm soreness, and Dustin Peterson is going to miss 8 weeks due to having surgery on his hand.

Fortunately, it appears as though the injury to the Braves’ rising star shortstop Dansby Swanson appears to be minor.

Being dinged up is nothing new for a baseball player and in Spring Training, it is hardly out of the ordinary for a player to be held out for a bit as a precaution. By all accounts, this appears to be a minor injury, but it worth monitoring as we head into the season. If Dansby misses more than a few games and/or he loses any time in the regular season, fans will have more cause for concern.

Arguably more concerning is the status of AJ Minter. Minter’s start to 2017 has been delayed due to arm soreness according to reports out of Spring Training. Today we got some more clarity on his status.

The upside here is that it appears that Minter is improving and we should see him throw something this spring. The obvious downside is that for a guy who had Tommy John surgery and looked to quell any concerns or doubts about his ability to handle the regular rigors of a long season, this is not exactly a banner start to 2017 for him. In addition to that, when nerves are involved there could be a host of issues in play, especially for an arm that has been operated on.

We will update you all on the status of Dansby, AJ, and the rest of the injured Braves players as we find out more information. Stay tuned.