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MLB Investigation into Braves not finished yet, per report

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The AJC reports that Gordon Blakeley will meet with MLB investigators again next week.

Jeff Morris

Fans that were hoping the conclusion of the World Series would bring an end to the uncertainty surrounding the Atlanta Braves are going to be disappointed. The World Series ended on Wednesday but MLB’s investigation into alleged wrongdoings by the Braves’ front office is still ongoing according to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s David O’Brien.

The report states that former special assistant and international scouting supervisor Gordon Blakeley is scheduled to meet with MLB investigators in New York next week.

The report also states that the investigation has centered on improprieties in the 2016 signing of Kevin Maitan and one of the team’s current Top 10 prospects.

MLB’s investigation has included alleged improprieties in the signing of Maitan, now 17 and one of the top-10 prospects in a Braves farm system rated the best in baseball.

As far as penalties go, O’Brien reports that they could include a heavy fine and possibly the loss of international free agents whom they broke rules to sign and possibly even players taken in the domestic draft.

The news seems to get worse with every report. For those that were hoping that the end of the World Series would bring some closure to this unfortunate situation but it seems that they are going to have to wait just a bit longer.