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Baseball America puts 7 Braves prospects on Top 100 List

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While several of the rankings were outside the industry norms, Baseball America did place seven Braves prospects on its top 100 list

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In what has been a very busy week in terms of prospect news, Baseball America released several interesting lists in addition to those released by Keith Law earlier in the week. As we covered earlier, Baseball America had the Braves farm system 3rd behind the Dodgers and Astros and yesterday they released their top 100 prospect list which featured several Braves to be exact.

BA had Dansby Swanson (17th), Sean Newcomb (24th), Hector Olivera (55th), Aaron Blair (60th), Ozhaino Albies (63rd), Kolby Allard (84th), and Touki Toussaint (90th) in their Top 100 which is certainly interesting given both the players that were included as well as their placement. This is the first top 100 list that has featured Hector Olivera thus far, but Baseball America has long held firm to MLB's eligibility rules to determine such lists. Its worth noting that at least one other list author (KLaw) has said specifically that even if he considered Olivera a prospect that he would not have made the top 100. Also of note is the relatively pessimistic ranking of Ozhaino Albies when taken in the context of other lists. Ozhaino has been widely considered to been the 3rd best prospect in the Braves system and at minimum a top 40 prospect in all of baseball. Baseball America has him as the 5th best in the system and outside of the top 60 prospects in baseball.

Another curious thing about Baseball America's list (of which there are many), is that it does not even match the revisedtop ten organizational lists that BA released just a few days ago. On that list, it has Blair ahead of Olivera and Kolby Allard ahead of Albies which is not what is shown on their top 100 list. BA released the revised rankings to reflect various trades which have moved prospects around, but its unclear whether the top 100 list reflects new thinking or it was simply an oversight.