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Collective bargaining agreement is a done deal, per report

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It looks like there is no risk of any labor strife for baseball as the players, league, and ownership have agreed to a new CBA.

MLB: World Series-Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

For what was supposed to be an easy CBA after a long period of labor peace in baseball, there was clearly some differences in opinion regarding how the new collective bargaining agreement should be implemented.

Over the last week, leaks regarding differences of opinion over the implementation of an international draft, luxury tax considerations, and compensation/penalties for signing or losing certain free agents were all issues that featured prominently during this round of CBA talks.

While the numbers in terms of dollars and players effected were small compared to the sheer amount of money the league brings in each year, the sides still struggled to find a ton of traction towards an agreement until the last 48 hours or so. The owners and league took the implementation of an international draft off the table and seemed to be willing to move off of the current system of using qualifying offers.

It looks like those moves precipitated all sides realizing it was in all of their best interests to get a deal done.

A short and sweet tweet from Rosenthal has been echoed by others in the industry. While details about the new agreement are few and far between, it is safe to say there there is no international draft.

Also, whispers that the addition of a 26th roster spot do not have appeared to have happened.

Luxury tax thresholds appear to be poised to rise in the coming years, which is both good and bad depending on your thoughts on the increasing costs of free agents, payrolls, and whatnot. It’s worth noting that these numbers have NOT been confirmed.

Beyond that, little is known at this moment in terms of specifics, but this new CBA will now mean baseball is in store for 26 years of labor peace. For those of us that were active baseball fans in 1995, this is extraordinarily welcome news.