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Game Thread 5/29: Braves @ Giants

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Our old buddy Tim Hudson starts for the Giants tonight against Mike Foltynewicz. Let's hope he wins on #FoltyFriday.

Chris Johnson gets the start at third base, his first since April 30 when he got injured.

Today's Lineups

Jace Peterson - 2B Norichika Aoki - LF
Cameron Maybin - CF Joe Panik - 2B
Freddie Freeman - 1B Hunter Pence - RF
Nick Markakis - RF Buster Posey - C
Chris Johnson - 3B Brandon Belt - 1B
A.J. Pierzynski - C Brandon Crawford - SS
Todd Cunningham - LF Angel Pagan - CF
Andrelton Simmons - SS Matt Duffy - 3B
Mike Foltynewicz - RHP Tim Hudson - RHP

Sorry, Tim. We like you, but you need to get beat tonight since you've apparently forgotten how to Huddy. Thanks a bunch. :)

And no home runs when you're hitting. That would be nice, too.