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AFL Recap 10/23: Andrew Thurman implodes

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Everybody loves Fridays except for the Javelinas and their Braves prospects. It was an awful day all around with Andrew Thurman headlining with 6 runs allowed in a third of an inning

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

(4-4) Scottsdale Scorpions 10 vs. (3-4) Peoria Javelinas 1

  • Andrew Thurman, RP: 0.1 IP, 4 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 2 BB, 1 K

  • Connor Lien, CF: 0-4, 2 K

  • Johan Camargo, 3B: 0-3, 1 K

A crowd of 420 people sat through a game on Friday that was about as pleasant as a root canal without novocaine. The Javelinas gave up 10 runs on 15 hits, despite not allowing a home run. I guess sometimes, it is true what they say about small ball.

The game started out well with Mariners prospect Tyler Smith hitting a first inning home run, but the game quickly got out of hand soon after. 6 of those runs were given up in a horrid 3rd inning started by Andrew Thurman. Thurman took the loss in this one after coming in and surrendering all six earned runs in that inning while walking 2 batters. Control was a major problem for Thurman as only half of his pitches were strikes. He was removed after allowing the first four runs to score, and the bullpen was not much help and allowed both of the remaining runners to score off of a sacrifice fly and a wild pitch followed by an RBI single.

Connor Lien also had his issues that inning when his fielding error allowed the first batter to advance to second after a base hit. This was of no real consequence as Thurman struggled to get batters out afterwards, but it really capped a poor day for Lien that including two strikeouts (one looking), a pop out to the shortstop, and a weak ground out to the pitcher. Johan Camargo played third base for the first time since one game in 2013 and 44 in the Dominican Summer League in 2012. He faired well on defense in this one, but struggled at the plate with a pop out in foul ground, a pop out to the second baseman, and a strikeout.

Luckily in baseball there is almost always a tomorrow. The Javelinas will welcome a new sunrise on Saturday, when they play Scottsdale at 6:35p MST/8:35p EST. Mariners prospect James Paxton gets the start for Peoria. He will face off against what we hope will be the victim of an angry Braves offense-Tigers prospect Austin Kubitza. That would be the brother of former Brave Kyle Kubitza, who we trade this offseason for then 17 year old Venezuelan lefty Ricardo Sanchez.