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Weekend Digest: Mets, Royals are in the World Series; Dodgers, Mattingly part ways

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MLB news from the past week.

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Mets advance to 2015 World Series; Murphy named NLCS MVP

Lies! BTTF lied to us! They said the Cubs would win the World Series in 2015!

The Mets clinched a World Series berth with an 8-3 win in Game 4 of the NLCS at Wrigley Field on Wednesday - the team's first since 2000. Daniel Murphy, who is currently on a home run binge, was named MVP of the series with home runs in each game, extending his postseason home run streak to six games.

While the Mets celebrated, the Cubs lingered near their dugout to salute and show appreciation to their loyal fans.

Royals win Game 6 of ALCS, repeat as AL Champions

The Kansas City Royals are headed back to the World Series following a tense Game 6, eliminating the Blue Jays with a 4-3 win. Jose Bautista homered twice for the Jays, the second of which tied the score in the eighth. Eric Hosmer's single in the bottom of the eighth chased home Lorenzo Cain all the way from first for the eventual winning run. Alcides Escobar was named MVP of the series for hitting .478 (11-23) with five RBI and six runs scored.

Game 1 of the World Series starts Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET with coverage starting at 7:30.

Daniel Norris reveals he has thyroid cancer

In a bit of sobering news, Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris revealed on Monday he will undergo treatment to remove a malignant tumor on his thyroid. He discovered the tumor while pitching in the minors with Toronto, and Tigers GM Al Avila said the team was aware of his diagnosis when they traded for him. Despite this, he continued to pitch, meaning his type of tumor likely has a high cure rate. He posted his thoughts on his discovery on Instagram:

I've been debating for months as to how or even if I should share this with people. - I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer. So now, I'm asking for prayers. - A few months ago, after I was optioned to AAA, I found out I had a growth on my thyroid. Flying back & forth from Toronto to Buffalo after pitching to have more and more tests done it was finally concluded that the growth is considered malignant.. Meaning it contained the C word.. cancer. Hearing this was alarming, yea. Weird, yea, that too. I was given the option to shut my year down & get it removed immediately. However, seeing another doctor that determined I could wait until the end of the season reassured my gut feeling. Just Keep Playing. Baseball kept me sane. Regardless of results on the field, I forgot about it when I was between the lines. After all, I was just trying to get the heck out of AAA. & I did. I was revived with an opportunity, a blessing from God, with the Tigers back in the Big Leagues. So yea, the power of prayer.. It got me through this season. Now that it's over it's time to get this thing out, so please keep me in your thoughts & prayers as I undergo surgery & come out 100% cancer free! As always,,, #justkeeplivin

Norris is expected to make a full recovery.

Barry Zito announces retirement

Monday, 15-year veteran lefty Barry Zito announced his retirement in a piece he wrote for The Players' Tribune:

I'm retiring today from baseball, but I'll never be too far away from the game that made me who I am. I am beyond thankful to be at peace with walking away, thanks in large part to my year of renewal in Nashville with the Sounds. My return to Oakland last month was a "cherry on top" moment in my life that my family and I will never forget. I will no doubt be in the stands on both sides of the Bay in years to come.

His first seven years in Oakland saw Zito earn three All-Star selections and a Cy Young Award for his 23-win season in 2002. His next seven years with the Giants can only be described as forgettable: he posted just one winning season (2012, the same year he started - and won - Game 1 of the World Series) and was considered vastly overpaid, receiving $119 million during his tenure with the Giants. After sitting out 2014, he returned to Oakland in 2015 and appeared in three games in September, starting two of them. (Career stats)

Dodgers part with Don Mattingly

Apparently, money doesn't buy championships. Three straight NL West titles weren't enough for the Dodgers to want to retain manager Don Mattingly. Thursday, the Dodgers and Mattingly mutually parted ways, both agreeing a fresh start would be beneficial. Here's what president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said on the matter:

As our end of season process began, we discussed the past year, our future goals, necessary changes, roster needs and other matters relating to next year's campaign. As the dialogue progressed daily, it evolved to a point where we all agreed that it might be best for both sides to start fresh. We decided to think about it for a couple of days and when we spoke again, we felt comfortable that this was the direction to go. I have the utmost respect for Donnie and thoroughly enjoyed working with him this past season. I want to thank him for his hard work and collaboration, as well as his accomplishments, including three consecutive National League West titles. I wish him nothing but success in the future.

Mattingly will still get paid his 2016 salary.