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Postseason Open Thread: October 20

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Hey, we're doing this again. Both League Championship Series are in action today.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

As full a slate of baseball as possible this late in the postseason happens, starting this afternoon.

Over in Toronto, the Blue Jays send R.A. Dickey to the hill to oppose Chris Young. Chris Young will either baffle the Jays with nonsense and leave everyone scratching their heads, or get pounded. Either way, it'll be a battle of two guys that don't throw very hard, and two offenses that have put up some definite fireworks already in the postseason. Personally, I'm hoping that the Jays tie it up now that Jonny Cueto and Kris Medlen got bashed around a bit yesterday, but this should be another crazy, high-scoring game, I'm guessing.

Meanwhile, the Cubs will attempt to get on board against the Mets in Chicago. Unfortunately, they have a fairly daunting task as the Mets are running Jacob deGrom out to try and secure their third win in the series, while the Cubs counter with Kyle Hendricks, who's been a good pitcher for them this season but isn't exactly in the Jake Arrieta / Jon Lester tier of starters. Still, maybe the Cubs will take advantage of three games at home to do some damage in the series, even as they are on their collective back foot. Or, who knows, maybe Daniel Murphy will just hit 17 home runs in one game because Daniel Murphy.

Anyway, who are you hoping gets the hardware at the end? I'm still hoping the Cubs win because they're pretty fun, but they have the toughest road to the title at this point.