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Atlanta Braves news and links: The future is the focus

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Today's news has a focus on the future, as the kids who are participating in Arizona Fall League action and highly-touted prospect Max Fried are in the spotlight today.

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Camargo has a good day in Fall League Action

The kids were back in action in the Arizona Fall League yesterday, and Johan Camargo had himself a pretty good day for the Peoria Javelinas. They only scored two runs, but Camargo drove in both of them. Connor Lien was also in action, but was unspectacular as usual.

Could Max Fried be the Atlanta's next ace?

Remember Max Fried? It'd be understandable if the casual fan forgot about this guy since he actually sat out the entirety of the 2015 season as he recovered from Tommy John surgery. However, the lefty figures to be extremely integral to the Braves' rebuilding process. If he can realize his potential as he returns from rehab, then the Braves could have a potential ace on their hands in the future. Now, we'll finally get to see Fried in action since he'll be healthy and ready to go for the 2016 season.

Braves’ management and fans need to temper expectations in Max Fried’s first season back from Tommy John surgery, and the Braves will most certainly have a strict innings limit on the highly-touted prospect. Likely, Fried starts the season with Low-A Rome in his first season back, but the GCL Braves are another option on the table. At only 21 years of age, Fried has time on his side, and it would not be surprising to see him hit the ground running upon his return.

Max Fried projects to be a top-of-the-rotation arm with a high floor and high ceiling. The Braves hope Fried stays true to his projections and pans out as an ace of the future. By being the main asset in return for Justin Upton, expectations are high for the tall lefty, but if he can return to form like Lucas Giolito, the Braves received a franchise arm in the making.

Nick Swisher is selling his home in Scottsdale

If you're reading this while living in Scottsdale, Arizona and have a couple million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, then I've got good news for you! Nick Swisher is selling his home there for $2.05 MM. Welcome to the dead period of the offseason, where this is qualifying as news. The Hot Stove season is coming folks, we promise.


Blue Jays make it a series with 11-8 win over Royals

The Toronto Blue Jays avoided falling into a 3-0 hole by blasting the Royals pitching staff to the tune of 11 runs, and did so in front of another wild crowd at the Skydome. Naturally, even though the Blue Jays had an extremely comfortable lead, things got tight because the Royals are the Royals and they don't die until they are absolutely 100% dead. Troy Tulowitzki had an interesting night. He hit a three-run shot that broke the game open for the Jays, but his night ended early when he got ejected in between the bottom of the seventh and the top of the eighth. Either way, the damage he did was done, and now the Blue Jays have a chance to tie the ALCS at two games a piece.

History doesn't favor the Cubs as they head home down 2-0

Meanwhile, the Cubs will also be trying to avoid falling into a 3-0 pit as they play host to the Mets in Game 3 tonight. However, they (and the Blue Jays, for that matter) will have an extremely tough task ahead of them in order to salvage this and make it into the World Series.

There have been 170 best-of-seven (or more than seven) postseason series in major-league history through 2014. 14 times a team has come back from down two games to none to win, eight percent. It won't be easy, but the Cubs can still do it, though they now must win four times in the next five games to accomplish this feat.