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Postseason open thread 10/14: Welcome to elimination day

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Four teams enter, but only two will live to face tomorrow. Who will survive Elimination Day in the American League Divisional Series?

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

So, today's going to be yet another fun day in what's been an extremely exciting round of Postseason baseball. We've got two Game 5s on tap today, which means that we will know what the 2015 American League Championship Series matchup will be, while the other two teams will be free to set their tee times for the golf course soon.

The first Game 5 will be happening up north in Canada, where the Blue Jays will be hoping to complete an extremely improbable comeback. Only a couple of teams in the Divisional Series era have come back from losing the first two games at home, and Toronto will be hoping to join that exclusive club. Meanwhile, the Texas Rangers are planning on keeping the trend of the road team winning every game in this series going. EIther way, expect the crowd at the Skydome Rogers Centre to be bouncing off of the walls. Those folks in Canada are hungry for Postseason success like there's a plate of poutine sitting in front of everyone there.

Speaking of improbable comebacks, the Royals pulled off yet another resurrection act when they came back from four runs down late to score seven unanswered runs on the Astros. Momentum would have you believe that this should be in the bag for the Royals, but as we all know, momentum is only as good as the next day's pitcher, so I'd expect any and everything to happen. I mean, it's an elimination game involving the Kansas City Royals -- something crazy is probably going to happen.

So, we should have an extremely interesting evening of baseball ahead of us. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then you can talk about how the mixed-use development at SunTrust Park finally has a name.

Either way, make sure to keep things civil below. Go ahead and have at it, y'all.