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Braves Daily News Digest: 9/8

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Marlins shut down Braves, and more!

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Braves News

Braves Get Silenced By Marlins

Brad Hand. Brad Freakin' Hand shut the Braves out for six innings, then turned the ball over to the Miami bullpen (which continued to shutout the Braves for three more innings). No Brave had more than one hit, and only one walk among the entire lineup. Julio Teheran took the loss for the Braves, giving up four runs in 5.1 innings pitched.

Gonzalez to Play Gattis Almost Everyday

While Fredi Gonzalez has given Evan Gattis some pretty consistent rest days for the bulk of the season, the manager announced on Sunday that he'll be trying to trot the slugger out just about every day. With the Braves in "every win counts" mode, it might be for the best:

"I’m going to try to ride him," Gonzalez said. "We’ve got some days off (in the schedule) that we can play with, and we need to get that bat in the lineup as much as we can."

A Lost Season For Freddie Freeman (Against Miami)

Freddie Freeman is an offensive stud in that Braves lineup. He's also one of the best first-baseman in the game. So why did he hit just .135 against the Miami Marlins this season? Well, who knows. But, for the sake of the Braves as they make their postseason push, but the Braves should be relieved to know that Freeman won't have to take another bat against the Marlins for the rest of the year:

"It was one of those years you can't explain," Freeman said. "Fortunately near the end of the year, I was able to get on base a couple of times. Against a team in your division, you don't really want to do that, but you've just got to put that behind you. We've still got 18 games left. I've got to do something against the Nationals here."

MLB News:

Yankees Honor Jeter With Ceremony

In case you managed to miss this, Derek Jeter is indeed retiring after this season. The entire season has been filled with pageantry, gifts, and plenty of respect (or should i say RE2PECT) all for the captain himself. On Sunday, the Yankees held a ceremony to honor the future Hall of Famer, filled with family, friends, and baseball greats. I'm sure the majority of you are sick of hearing about Jeter, and you're probably mad that I even included this, but you might just miss it once he's gone.

Bucs' Bats Come Alive to Beat Cubs

The Pirates are one of many teams fighting for a postseason berth, be it through winning their division or taking one of the two wild card spots. On Sunday, the Pirates came out in a force, and showed that they deserve to be in the playoffs. The Buccos combined for 19 hits, and 10 runs. 2013 NL MVP Andrew McCutchen had three hits, one of them being a solo home-run.