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Braves Offense Hits New Lows (Again)

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Just when you thought that the bats couldn't find another low to stoop to, they've done it.

Kevin C. Cox

The past couple months of Atlanta Braves baseball have been pretty rough, considering the expectations that the team had going into the season. It seems like the team has been seeking out new valleys to dive into, specifically the offense. However, the Braves were extremely close to discovering yet another deep valley.

Did you know that last year's Marlins once went 37 innings without scoring? Yeah, basically 4 full games and an inning without scoring a single, solitary run. From Sports Illustrated's article covering the futility:

The Marlins have gone 37 innings without scoring. Their last activity involving the crossing of home plate came when Derek Dietrich hit a two-run homer in the fourth inning of their July 14 game against the Nationals; yes, thanks to the All-Star break, they've gone a full week without a run. For those who can't picture what the sight of a Marlin scoring might have looked like, the video of that homer is here.

According to STATS, the Marlins' 37-inning drought is the longest in the majors since 1985, when the Astros went 42 innings without a run. Their streak ran from the third inning of a July 13 game against the Mets through three full games (one against the Mets, two against the Expos, with the break intervening) before finally ending in the ninth inning of a July 20 game against the Expos.

That 1985 Astros team ended up winning 83 games. If this keeps up for Atlanta (which it probably won't, since this offense comes and goes with the tides like that one flaky ex of yours does), then they'll probably be sitting on 83 wins themselves to end the season. With the way the other teams in the Wild Card race are playing, 83 will definitely not be enough to enter the promised land that is a 1-game playoff to decide who makes the Postseason proper.

Anyways, I bring up the 2013 Marlins and 1985 Astros because the Braves have gone 37 innings and only scored 1 run. One. Measly. Run. Think about that: Had Evan Gattis not gone deep on Sunday, this streak might be a bit longer and we'd be talking about the Braves having the longest scoreless streak in baseball since the 80s. The fact that the Braves offense has a streak similar to a team that was actively tanking last season is absolutely atrocious.

For those who are wondering, the 1903 Pittsburgh Pirates hold the MLB record for the longest scoreless streak, with 52 scoreless innings. That was back when people basically threw a World's Fair if a dude hit a home run. I'd imagine that we'll have the same reaction should a Brave hit a homer and make it 2 (or more) runs over this streak of offensive futility.

To keep this dour article from ending on an even more dour note, here's Evan Gattis scoring the only run that the Braves have scored recently. Try to enjoy!

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