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Weekend Digest: D-backs butthurt over t-shirt...again; Rocker to be on Survivor

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MLB news from the past week.

Christian Petersen

D-backs vs. Dodgers fan's t-shirt, the sequel

The D-backs have proven to be no fun, haven't they? They did the same thing last year to Dodgers fans who were sitting behind home plate, asking them to change their shirts or be kicked out. Fortunately, this guy had the last laugh, sharing his ordeal on Twitter and getting Arizona's VP of Communications involved.

Of course, it's nothing like Elaine refusing to take off her Orioles cap at Yankee Stadium.

Scott Van Slyke blames Arizona's grass for ankle injury

Funny, considering no other outfielder has ever complained about it before. See for yourself.

What is up with these two teams? Before last year, there wasn't much of anything between them. Now one can't even give a sideways glance without the other one thinking something's up.

John Rocker cast on latest "Survivor"

Since Rocker is a former MLB player, I guess this qualifies as MLB "news". I've long since dismissed reality TV as being a gateway to one's 15 minutes of fame. I haven't paid attention to "Survivor" since Australia, which was before I was old enough to drink. If you're still into this type of entertainment, Rocker's been cast along with a gay couple if you're at all aware of his SI comments back in the day, so it may be worth watching to see if he takes another shot. I won't be watching it, though. Rocker was previously on "Pros vs. Joes".

Yusmeiro Petit sets major-league record

From the last batter he faced in his start July 22 until the eighth batter he faced on Thursday, Petit retired every single hitter he faced, breaking Mark Buehrle's record set in 2009. It's not a sexy record like DiMaggio's hitting streak or anything like that, but it's still an impressive feat that deserves to be recognized.

Jesus Montero in an altercation with team scout

I think it's safe to say that Montero has been a bust as a prospect, and this latest incident certainly didn't help. He's been in the minors since May after reporting to Spring Training 40 pounds overweight, and one Mariners scout thought it would be funny to send Montero an ice cream sandwich during a game after heckling him just moments earlier. Montero took this as an insult and chased after the scout with a bat while screaming at him and being restrained by team personnel. More info here.

In my opinion, both were unprofessional and the Seattle franchise would be better off letting both of them go.

A's drop protest on ninth-inning obstruction

During the ninth inning of the A's/Angels game on Thursday, Erick Aybar's ground ball bounced between Brandon Moss and Dan Otero who converged on the play. Aybar collided with Otero moments after Otero caught the ball and was awarded first base by the home plate umpire by reason of obstructing the baseline. Bob Melvin protested the umpire's interpretation of the obstruction rule, but the team released a statement Friday saying they would drop the protest.

Greg Amsinger is psychic