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Braves Daily News Digest: 8/29

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Mike Minor spins a gem against the Mets, and more!

Andy Marlin

Braves News:

Minor Looks Like an Ace in 6-1 Win

This has something Braves fans have been waiting to see all season: Mike Minor pitching well. Sometimes, all it takes is a faceoff with the Mets to get a solid outing out of your starter, as Minor went sevent strong innings, giving up hust four hits and one run en route to his sixth win on the season. On the offensive end, Emilio Bonifacio had himself quite the game, going 4-5 with a triple, and two RBI.

Defense, Bullpen, Helping Braves into Playoffs

While the Braves chances of winning the NL East are slipping away (and falling into the hands of Washington) but there's still a solid chance Atlanta squeak into the postseason, thanks to the second wild card. Alas, a playoff format isn't thee only thing helping the Braves, but so is their incredible defense (most notably Andrelton Simmons and Jason Heyward) and a solid bullpen anchored by the one and only Craig Kimbrel.

Jonny Venters tears UCL, Third Tommy John Surgery Coming

Injuries suck, there's no way around that. Especially when they happen to talented members of your pitching staff. Unfortunately for Jonny Venters, that's exactly the case, and unfortunate as it is to say this, his career may be over as he faces a third Tommy John Surgery. if this is the end for Venters, he would retire with a career ERA of 2.23.

Prospects Who You Won't be Seeing in September

Wait aren't we supposed to be excited about the prospects that we will be seeing once the rosters open up? Sure, but there's plenty of exciting prospects who won't be joining the big league squad as well. Be it a lack of experience, injury, some guys just won't be making the cut this fall.

MLB News:

Petit Sets MLB Record

Retiring 27 batters in a row is a perfect game, and that's pretty awesome. Now what about setting down 46 straight? Sure, it wasn't in just one game, but over a course of many games for San Francisco's Yusmeiro Petit, who broke Mark Buehrle's record of 45 consecutive batters sent down on Thursday by striking out Colorado's Charlie Culberson. The right-handers' streak was snapped in the next at-bat when Jordan Lyles doubled to left-field.

"I was a little nervous when the hitters were advancing toward the record. But in that pitch to the pitcher, I was not nervous," Petit said. "I was doing my job. The first pitch was fine. The second pitch was fine, too, but it slid a little bit where I didn't want it to."

Mets Making Mistake Playing Wright

David Wright is the face of the Mets, without a doubt, and has put together quite a career. In 2014, however, Wright is having a terrible year in comparison to his others: a .266 AVG, 8 HR, and a .692 OPS. The 31-year-old has also been fighting back some injuries as of late, but has yet to make a trip to the disabled list on the year, for whatever reason that may be. Let's face it, the Mets aren't in a heated playoff race, and Wright isn't playing for any postseason awards, so why are the Mets still continuing to trot out the injured third-baseman?