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Win A Javy Lopez Autobiography

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Win a copy of Javy's book.
Win a copy of Javy's book.

Today is Leap Day, and crazy things happen on Leap Day. Okay, not really, it's just another day, though one that I believe I should be paid overtime for. In celebration of Leap Day, Talking Chop is going to give away two copies of the new autobiography from Javy Lopez, Behind the Plate, A Catcher’s View of the Braves Dynasty. The folks over at Triumph Books were nice enough to give us some copies of the book to review -- which Chris did a wonderful job of yesterday -- as well as some copies to give away.

I'm going to target this giveaway towards the real Javy Lopez fans. To enter you must post a photo of your favorite Javy Lopez signed item from your personal collection. You may also include a blurb about how you got the item autographed, if it's an interesting story. For instance, my Javy Lopez signed baseball was obtained on a plane flight that I was on with Javy (and Dale Murphy, who also signed the ball, and smudged Javy's signature).

Post your photo in the comments section of this story, or send it to me on Twitter, or email me the photo (my email is listed at the bottom of the page). Any of these entry methods are acceptable. We'll say that the end of the day on Thursday is the deadline for entry, then we'll choose the winners on Friday.

Good luck!