Rumors Afoot: Could we Get Andruw Jones Back?

Here are some rumors being reported by Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus that involve the Braves:

The Rangers were clear winners at last year’s deadline, already seeing a payoff from last year’s deals. They might try again, making smaller deals focused on 2009. They might again have a match with the Braves, dealing one of their extra OF bats — Frank Catalanotto, Marlon Byrd, or even Milton Bradley — for Mike Gonzalez. There hasn’t been much interest in Hank Blalock, but he’s another name that could clear waivers.

I really don't want to get rid of Gonzalez unless we're getting premium young talent back, and none of those guys are (A) premium or (B) young. Unfortunately, this rumor has multiple sources.

Once again, no one seems to know what the Dodgers are doing. Reports that they’re showcasing Andy LaRoche and discussing Matt Kemp in deals are balanced against discussions involving Jack Wilson on the low end and Mark Teixeira on the high end. A rumor has been making the rounds that the Dodgers would be willing to eat some of Andruw Jones‘ deal and send him back as part of a package for Teixeira were shot down by both sides.

So, no one knows what the Dodgers are doing, but there's the rumor nonetheless. I shudder to think why in the world we would want Andruw Jones back. Hasn't he proven (both this year and last year ) that he's not the player he used to be? No mention of James Loney, but my guess is he's the guy the Braves would want.

UPDATE 12:00PM 07-23-08

Braves beat writer Mark Bowman responds to Will Carroll's speculation about the Braves trading Gonzalez to Texas:

Reacting to that rumor on Wednesday morning, one Braves official said, "Gonzalez will not be traded before the deadline or during this off-season unless Texas offers us Josh Hamilton."

I'd take that... Josh Hamilton is a real hero.

Bowman also has this to say about Will Ohman, possibly our most tradable player at the moment:

Interest in Ohman has picked up recently.  The Braves are looking for something greater than the Type B compensation they'd receive if they were to offer him arbitration and lose him to free agency this year.

I still think Ohman has more value if he's packaged with Teixeira, so maybe they'll wait until near the deadline to make any deals. I also think Ohman's value goes up once Brian Fuentes gets dealt. The teams who lost out on him may get desperate and up their price on a guy like Ohman.

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