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Road to Atlanta Podcast: Discussing Luke Waddell and Mississippi’s COVID problem

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This week we have a normal episode headlined by Mississippi’s covid woes and Luke Waddell’s wonderful performance

Michael Harris, Atlanta Braves prospect, takes a swing in a game for the Rome Braves
Michael Harris, Atlanta Braves prospect, takes a swing in a game for the Rome Braves
Image Credit: Mills Fitzner

Road to Atlanta is our weekly podcast where we discuss all things minor leagues and prospects for our beloved Atlanta Braves. We have relaunched the podcast and it can be found in the same stream with the Talking Chop podcast, so if you subscribe to have easy access to R2A as well. Episodes will go live (most of the time) every Sunday evening and will cover a wide range of topics including top performances from the previous week, deep dives into specific prospects or topics, and lots of sweet guests.

We’re back with regularly scheduled content this week, and the lead for this week was the news out of Mississippi. A COVID-19 outbreak sidelined the series with Pensacola and may have effects that stretch into this week. In positive news we got one of the greatest weeks in recent memory in Rome as fifth rounder Luke Waddell went off for six home runs. There was plenty of pitching to talk about as well, starting with the fantastic run that Kyle Wright is on in Gwinnett. Low-A Augusta featured recent starts from draftees Ryan Cusick and Dylan Dodd as well as another gem from Joey Estes. Join Eric and Garrett on this episode as they break down all of those performances and more.

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