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GCL Braves season to start June 28th, no DSL Braves season per report

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More minor league baseball begins later this month - hurray!

19 JUL 2016: Cristian Pache of the Braves during the Gulf Coast League (GCL) game between the GCL Braves and the GCL Phillies at the Carpenter Complex in Clearwater, Florida. Help
Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Full season Minor League Baseball returned to action in May, but there hasn’t been much news in regards to the plans for short season teams up until now. Baseball America reports that the Gulf Coast League will begin play on June 28 with the Dominican Summer League scheduled to start in July. The Atlanta Braves will field a GCL team but per the report, will be sitting out the DSL.

The GCL Braves season is set to kick off in 13 days, on June 28th, as they take on the Boston Red Sox and will continue until September 18th when the Braves take on the Rays. The Braves division will be comprised of eight teams, including two teams from the Orioles, and two teams from the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Rays, Red Sox, and Twins.

Josh Norris of Baseball America also went on to touch on the Dominican Summer League, which was in danger and is now set to start July 12th, which the Braves will not be participating in this year. It is reported that the Braves will have a group of players down at the complex but will not be participating in games - the only team in the league not to.

With the draft slated to begin in July, the rosters will likely see a lot of changes by July as the next wave of prospects are drafted and sent to assignments. Make sure to keep an eye out on our draft coverage beginning soon as well!