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Braves News: Freddie Freeman Suitors, MLB Prospects to Bounce Back in 2022, Plus More

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The usual list of suspects for Freddie Freeman could grow once the MLB lockout is over.

MLB: World Series-Atlanta Braves Championship Parade Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With the MLB Lockout still indefinitely in place, there is no new news to report when it comes to Freddie Freeman. However, Beyond the Box Score wrote about Freeman’s current situation and how, though he is expected to stay in Atlanta, other teams could certainly use him.

Over at MLB Trade Rumors, Anthony Franco speculated the Red Sox could also enter the fray. Though this is not based on any official report, the idea is that, with the flexibility to make a big move, the Red Sox have plenty of reason to pursue Freeman. Outside of the Red Sox specifically, the general idea is that more teams could find the urgency to make a significant run at Freeman. Even if he may not be the most obvious fit for some rosters. Freeman is the type of difference maker you pursue and make the situation make sense for.

While some teams may be more obvious than others, once the MLB Lockout has concluded, there could be one or two unexpected suitors for Freeman with the resources to make things interesting.