What I would do this off-season plus spending numbers

All arbitration numbers will be high


Morton- $20M

Fried- $5M

Anderson- pre-arb league min rounding up: $1M

Ynao- same as Anderson: $1M

Touki/Davidson/Muller: ditto: $1M each

A Vet (TBD): $5M maybe less

De La Cruz/Wright/Tarnok: on 40-man $0.6M each

Soroka will start on IR $3.2M

Total: $40M


Smith: $13M

Martin: Non-Tendered or $8.5M

Jackson: offered a 4year $10M gauranteed 3YR with 4YR option $3M AAV $1M buyout

Rich Rod: $2.1M

Minter: $1.5M

Matzek/Webb/Santana: $0.9M each

Chavez: $1M 1yr contract

Brooks Wilson added to 40-man $0.6M

2 Vets: $5M each

Total: $42.4 with Martin $33.9M without

Pitchers total: W/O Martin: $73.9M


d'Arnaud: $8M

Tromp/Contreras: $0.9M each

A Vet: $5M maybe less

Total: $14.8M


Freeman: 5YR $150M $30M AAV

Camargo: $1.7M

Total: $31.7M


Albies: $5M (again BARGAIN)

Arcia: $2.5M

Total: $7.5M


Swanson: 5YR (4YR $35M guaranteed) $3M buyout $8M AAV

Adrianza or another vet: $1.5M

Total: $9.5M


Riley: $0.6M

Total: $0.6M

In-field totals (11) $64.1M


Acuna: $15M

Ozuna: $16M

Duvall: 2YR contract 3YR option with no buyout $10M guaranteed $5M AAV

Pache/Waters: $0.6M

Team Totals: $175.2M (40)

Soroka, Acuna and Ozuna may not start the season on the 40-man. The replacements would be in the OF but I doubt very high profile or expensive. ie: Heredia $1M

That will be the highest payroll the Braves have ever started the season.

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