Freddie backup plan(s)

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but at this point one has to assume there is a non-zero chance of Freddie leaving the Braves. If AA and Co are doing their jobs, they should be thinking of backup plans, because we are toast if they don't replace 80-90% of his production. The FA 1B options are meh, so l say we get creative with a double-barreled approach:

Plan A: trade Dansby & prospects for Matt Olson, sign Corey Seager

The A's appear to be headed for a rebuild, and Olson is a prime candidate to be traded if so. He is under control for 2 more seasons, and is actually 4.5 years younger than Freddie. That would be a big step towards replacing lost produc Here I think it would actually make sense to dip into the free agent SS market, with Dansby being included in a trade for Olson (A's need a SS like whoa). Story is my personal favorite, but I think Corey Seager would actually be the better fit, as the team needs another LH bat even with Olson. He wouldn't be cheap, but he's only 27, and would lock down the position for the foreseeable future. This is probably contingent on getting out of some or all of Ozuna's contract, but perhaps not. Acuna Seager Riley Olson makes for a damn good 1-4.

Plan B: trade for Olson, sign Kris Bryant

I like Bryant for his versatility - signing him would allow you a ton of flexibility with subsequent moves. You could swing for the fences with Olson, or go with someone like Austin Meadows or Max Kepler if you prefer not to decimate the farm system. You could also try Soler or Rosario at 1st, with Bryant there to back them up if needed. Bryant could also transition to 1st full time later in his deal.

I certainly don't want Freddie to leave, but if he does, it's good to know we have options if so. Fingers crossed AA gets it done soon.

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