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Ozzie Albies continues to lead off as Braves face Cardinals

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The short-but-mighty second baseman continues to serve of the tip of Atlanta’s lineup spear.

Atlanta Braves v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The lineups are now out for the series opener between the Braves and the Cardinals. Let’s waste no further time and get right into it, shall we?

As usual, we’ll start with the Braves:

As noted in the headline, Ozzie Albies continues to bat leadoff for the Braves. Also, Jorge Soler is batting second for the second game in a row. My guess is that Brian Snitker feels like Soler is swinging a pretty hot bat at the moment (.247/.337/.562 and 141 wRC+ since July 1) so he may as well get him as many at-bats as possible. Joc Pederson returns to the lineup after serving as a pinch hitter for Sunday’s game. Kevan Smith is starting at catcher because of course Kevan Smith is starting at catcher.

Meanwhile, here’s St. Louis:

Outside of shuffling some spots around in the batting order, this is the same eight guys who took the field for the Cardinals back on Sunday. I’m guessing that this is just them switching things up as they get ready to take on a lefty instead of a righty. Either way, no significant changes for the Cardinals tonight.