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Braves lineup is what it is for opener with Giants

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No surprises here

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

The Braves’ Friday night lineup, which will shock no one:

Yes, this is the same lineup as the one that lost a close game on Tuesday, before the two-day layoff. Hopefully things fare better this time around.

The Giants haven’t yet announced their lineup. They also haven’t yet made a roster move activating Kevin Gausman from the COVID-19 Injured List, even though the wide presumption is that he’s making tonight’s start. As such, we might have to wait and see exactly what ends up playing out for the Giants, who will be without both Donovan Solano (tested positive for COVID-19) and Brandon Belt (bereavement leave) at a minimum. Wilmer Flores may end up making another start at first base given that a southpaw is on the hill for Atlanta.

The Giants have only used their most common lineup three times all season — there are actually three such lineups to which this applies. Talk about keeping things in flux — even the Braves, with all their injuries, managed to use at least one lineup seven times over the course of the season.