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Braves vs Yankees Game Thread: 8/23

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Two teams, two nine-game win streaks. Who will extend theirs into double digits?

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

The Braves are rolling, but the Yankees have been equally impressive over the past two weeks. Can the Braves take advantage of two straight matchups against left-handed pitchers? Ozzie Albies is especially lethal against lefties, and figures to be a prime candidate to stand out over the next two days. The Yankees pose all sorts of challenges in their own right, but the Braves look like a formidable matchup on paper.

Join us in the comments for discussion. Also, if Joey Gallo does damage to the Chop House over the next two days everyone on this board will probably need support. Just remember that Alex Anthopoulos did a great job at the deadline, even if watching Gallo terrorize the Braves stings a little. Thanks for reading and Go Braves!