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The Daily Chop: Kyle Muller struggles, optioned to Gwinnett

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Braves couldn’t sweep Reds and lose first place spot.

Thursday was a tough day for the Atlanta Braves who dropped a 12-3 decision to the Cincinnati Reds. They were on a good streak, winning seven of their last eight games, but couldn’t secure the win last night, bringing their three game winning streak to an end. They won the series, but this last game cost them. With the Mets and the Phillies both winning their games yesterday, the Braves have fallen back to third place in the division, one game behind first place Phillies, and half a game behind second place Mets.

Kyle Muller stole the show, in a negative way that is. He gave up six runs in 2 13 innings, only striking out one. Josh Tomlin then came in to do damage control, and ended up doing the exact opposite. He helped the Reds add to their already substantial lead, giving up five runs in 3 23 innings, making the score 11-1 by the time he exited the game.

The Braves will begin a three-game series against the Nationals as they head out on a nine-game road trip. Charlie Morton will be the starting pitcher to kick off the three game series. The NL East is still a close race, hopefully the Braves can pick up a few more wins this weekend to help get them back to first place.

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MLB News

  • After winning their last game against the Dodgers, the Phillies are back solely in first place of the NL East. Bryce Harper hit another home run to help them pull ahead 2-1. The Phillies are half a game head the Mets. They will face the Reds this weekend.
  • The Mets swept the Nationals in their series, which has brought them up to second place in the division. Pete Alonso hit the game ending home run in the seventh inning, clinching the doubleheader, and coming back from a blown lead. This weekend they will face the Dodgers in a three game series.
  • Orioles first baseman Chris Davis has decided to retire, effective immediately. After sustaining an injuring to his hip, and receiving surgery in May, Martin was going to be out for the rest of the 2021 season. He decided to end his career early, one year short of his seven-year contract.
  • The Chicago Cubs released veteran Jake Arrieta Thursday and placed catcher Willson Contreras on the 10-day injured list with a sprained knee.
  • The Blue Jays released veteran left-hander Tommy Milone. Milone has spent the majority of the 2021 season on the injured list due to shoulder inflammation.