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Almonte returns to lineup hitting fifth and playing left

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Orlando Arcia is back on the bench, Kevan Smith is catching

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

Remember when Orlando Arcia was promoted to the big league club, and Abraham Almonte was sent to the bench? Well, Almonte’s come up money since in a teeny-tiny sample, and now he’s back in left field. Go figure, it’s small-sample-size-induced-whiplash time, apparently.

Almonte’s hit anywhere between fourth and seventh since being called up, but he’s hit fifth least often — this will be his fourth time in that spot in his 28th start overall. (Yes, we’ve had 27 starts of Abraham Almonte so far. Sorry.) While this lineup is novel, this is going to be the eighth time that this starting eight takes the field for Atlanta, and they’re 4-3 in those games so far.

For the Marlins, Zach Thompson has been scratched due to illness, and the Braves will be facing a bullpen game, with Anthony Bass, one of their only terrible relievers to date, set to start the game. Their lineup is as follows:

This is a novel lineup and defensive arrangement for the Marlins, who are still finding ways to change it up into the final series of the “first half.” Joe Panik makes his fifth start for his new team. As with the other matchups with Miami, the Braves should be fine if they can work around Starling Marte and Jesus Aguilar while not doing something stupid like leaving a starter in the third time through.

Statcast graphic time!