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Pablo Sandoval Reinstated as Jacob Webb is optioned to Gwinnett

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Sandoval returns after a few days away from the team.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Boston Red Sox David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Just as Brian Snitker suggested earlier this weak, Pablo Sandoval’s absence was expected to be only a few days at most.

The Kung Fu Panda himself has returned from the restricted list and will be with the Braves as they finish up the first half of their season in Miami. After yesterday’s needed offensive outburst, Sandoval will hopefully have the ability to dish out a few more Panda Hugs moving forward.

While Sandoval’s return was always expected, yesterday also presents an interesting narrative to watch moving forward. Though Sandoval certainly started off the season in spectacular fashion as the Braves’ primary pinch hitter, he has produced just seven hits in his last 52 plate appearances since May 1st. He also has six walks, a home run, five runs, and three RBIs.

With the recent promotion of Orlando Arcia to the majors and Abraham Almonte having a spectacular day at the plate off the bench yesterday, it will be interesting to see how all three players see their roles evolve in the second half of the season. Regardless, having all three bats to either start or pinch hit could certainly be a positive in the coming weeks.