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The Daily Chop: Trade Deadline Headlines, Toussaint Struggles, and more

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On a day in which the Braves were quite busy adding talent, they gave away a needed win despite early success.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever wondered rather MLB players or execs play MLB the Show on game consoles? It is always a fun question to explore, especially when players see their likeness for the first time.

Though no record has shown that Braves General Manager Alex Anthopoulos actually plays MLB the Show, he certainly brought the game to life in the closing hours of the 2021 MLB Trade Deadline.

On top of these combined exchanges, the Braves also made last minute acquisitions of Jorge Soler and Richard Rodriguez in exchange for Kasey Kalich, Bryse Wilson, and Ricky Devito. Though Wilson certainly has the talent to be a major leaguer, and a few of these other prospects may show the same ability in time, Atlanta did not part ways with a clearly significant part of its future to potentially get significantly better in the present.

This has basically become the MO of Anthopoulos, making moves on the margins (MO could stand for Margins Operator.....ok, I’ll stop!) None of the moves individually will be the biggest reason for the Braves making a run at the NL East title; however, collectively, these moves together do the make the Braves better.

Braves News

  • Adam Duvall actually made his return to Atlanta quite quickly, as he started for the Braves in left field last night. While Freddie Freeman, Austin Riley, and Duvall did their parts, Touki Toussaint unfortunately crashed back down to earth in a 9-5 loss to the Brewers, despite the Braves earning an early 4-0 lead.
  • Once the Deadline passed, Anthopoulos discussed his decisions at the Deadline with the media. One of the biggest takeaways was Anthopoulos mentioning taking Duvall away from the Marlins meant he no longer could hurt the Braves in upcoming games.
  • Though Panda Hugs have certainly been a bright spot in another wise difficult year, Pablo Sandoval is no longer an Atlanta Brave. Though he certainly added value as a teammate and clubhouse member, Sandoval was simply not adding any value at the plate as a pinch hitter.
  • Though it does not seem as if the Braves parted ways with a truly significant young talent, at least a few intriguing names had to be used to get upgrades to Atlanta. Garrett Spain breaks down the prospects that were traded in this informative piece.
  • On the Talking Chop Podcast, Brad Rowland and Scott Coleman offer their takes in a Trade Deadline Wrap Up show.


  • It was an incredibly busy day across the MLB when it came to the 2021 MLB Trade Deadline. Each and every deal that was done can be found here. The biggest headlines on Deadline Day were the finalization of the trade sending Max Scherzer and Trea Turner to the Dodgers, along with the Cubs trading Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Craig Kimbrel and Javier Baez (who landed with the Mets.)
  • While the Mets may have acquired the biggest name in NL East moves, the Phillies acquired needed rotation and relief help in Kyle Gibson and Ian Kennedy from the Rangers. It seems the Mets, Braves, and Phillies all were motivated to make a run at the NL East crown.
  • ranked the seven biggest storylines from the day. It featured teams completely tearing their rosters down, high prices that were paid, and a few moves that were not made.
  • While the Giants and Dodgers made significant moves to bolster their rosters, the Padres did not acquire another needed piece despite valiant efforts. Unfortunately, to make the day worse, NL MVP front runner Fernando Tatis Jr. injured his shoulder on Friday evening.