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Duvall hits fifth as Braves begin post-Deadline trek

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Welcome back, Adam Duvall

Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins - Game Three Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Hey, look who’s back and hitting fifth:

The Braves are deploying a pretty righty-heavy lineup against Burnes and the Brew Crew, but it’s Corbin Burnes, so I’m not sure it matters too much; Burnes has exhibited essentially no platoon split this year (the small wOBA difference is not borne out in FIP or xFIP).

The Brewers also have a new addition: Eduardo Escobar, acquired earlier this week from the Diamondbacks:

Burnes has never started against the Braves, throwing just three relief outings against them in his career — two in 2018 and one in 2019. In the 2019 one, he was obliterated to the tune of seven runs in two-thirds of a frame, allowing three homers in the process. Yeah, this isn’t that guy anymore (or is it? probably not).

Toussaint’s had more or less the same — just a couple of relief outings against the Brewers in 2019. So, not much to even talk about in terms of past matchups, even just for interest’s sake. Instead, the Statcast graphic!