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GameThread, 7/2/2021: Marlins @ Braves

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Pablo Lopez vs. Drew Smyly

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Here we go, yet again. The Braves are on the hunt for their first 7-3 stretch of the season. Drew Smyly is on the hunt for another start with a HR/FB rate of zero. Pablo Lopez is on the hunt for not getting bashed around by the Braves for the first time this season. The Marlins are on the hunt for having their win-loss record reflect their run differential, or WAR-wins, or pretty much anything that rightly suggests they shouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as they are. Ronald Acuña Jr. is back in the lineup, as is William Contreras. Adam Duvall is probably on the hunt to ruin the Braves’ night yet again.

So, what’s gonna happen? Find out tonight. The Braves are favored, though only slightly, due to the pitching matchup. Stay tuned, and hope they can pick up a game in the standings if the Mets fall to the crosstown Yankees.