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The Daily Chop: A Terrific Tuesday for Baseball

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For consecutive nights, the game of baseball has been fun to witness.

MLB: American League at National League Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past 48 hours, the game of baseball has been fun to witness.

The 2021 Home Run Derby was a massive success.

The 2021 All-Star Game itself and the experience in general was so much fun to see, especially with the multiple tributes to the late, great Hank Aaron.

Despite many of its best players not attending, MLB captured the attention of the sports world for the right reasons on consecutive nights.

It certainly was a nice distraction from a season that has certainly been full of more struggles than successes as Braves fans. However, there were certainly fun moments to enjoy over the past few days. From Charlie Freeman getting to meet Fernando Tatis Jr. to Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albies giving live commentary during the All-Star game, there was a lot of fun to enjoy. Now, the focus turns back to a season with many questions that will be answered in the coming weeks.

Since June 1st, Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albies have been among the five best players at their respective positions in terms of fWAR. Over that same time frame, the Braves starting rotation ranks fourth in FIP. Atlanta has combined all this positive production with the contributions of Ronald Acuna Jr. to go 19-18 since June 1st.

The simple truth is the Braves certainly have an uphill climb to get where they want to be in the second half of the season without Acuna Jr. With that in mind, it is not far fetched to suggest the Braves near and long term future could be significantly impacted with decisions that are made over the next few weeks.

Braves News

  • One of the biggest themes of the 2021 All-Star festivities was honoring Hank Aaron. From all the All-Stars wearing his number 44 to amazing tributes:

Major League Baseball made it clear one of the best players to ever play the game received a significant farewell and appreciation for the impact he made on the game of baseball and the world in general during his lifetime.

  • While the 2021 All-Star break was going on, the MLB Draft was also conducted. On Tuesday, the Braves made 10 more selections to complete its 2021 draft class. Overall, the Braves certainly had a very interesting approach to this draft.
  • That approach has been explored in detail on the “Road to Atlanta” Podcast over the past few days. Eric Cole and Matt Powers once again give their analysis on the Braves Day 3 selections and their opinion of the Braves class as a whole on the latest episode.
  • As mentioned above, both Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albies wore mics during a half inning of the All-Star game. While Freeman had a fun interaction with Aaron Judge, Albies discussed how he honored Ronald Acuna Jr. at the All-Star Game.

MLB News

  • The American League has won eight straight MLB All-Star Games. Their 5-2 victory over the NL was certainly earned with multiple long balls and timely hitting. The AL pitching was also certainly up to the task.
  • The 2021 MLB All-Star Game MVP was Vladimir Guerrero Jr. due to his mammoth home run shot and RBI groundout. Vlad Jr. became the youngest All-Star MVP winner in MLB history. He certainly is more than capable to challenge Ohtani as the AL MVP this season.
  • Shohei Ohtani earned his first All-Star game victory last night. He certainly did not disappoint, as he continues to make history with each appearance he makes on the mound or at the plate.
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. certainly enjoyed his first experience as an MLB All-Star. With Tatis Jr., Vlad Jr., Ronald Acuna Jr., and Ohtani, Major League Baseball certainly has plenty of faces to promote in the present and future to make the popularity of the sport continue to rise.