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Braves Off Day Watch Thread

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The Braves finally have an off day. However, that means Braves fans have no baseball to watch as the minor leagues have the day off as well.

St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves - Game Two Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

After a bunch of games and another lengthy .500 stretch from the Atlanta Braves professional baseball club, the Braves finally have a day off and one can only hope that we can get through this one without some sort of misfortune. Based on the track record of this 2021 season, it is probably worth crossing your fingers and toes to ward off any bad juju.

However, that also means that there is no Braves baseball at all to watch today as the minor leagues also have Mondays off. This is sad news for those that need to get their baseball fix. As a result, just us as we look around the league for some baseball to enjoy and hoping that this very, very important slate of Braves games this coming week.

MLB Schedule - 6/28

5:10 PM - Pirates @ Rockies

6:40 PM - Phillies @ Reds

7:05 PM - Mets @ Nationals

7:05 PM - Angels @ Yankees

7:10 PM - Tigers @ Indians

7:10 PM - Royals @ Red Sox

8:10 PM - Orioles @ Astros

8:10 PM - Twins @ White Sox

8:10 PM - Cubs @ Brewers

8:15 PM - D-Backs @ Cardinals

10:10 PM - Giants @ Dodgers